A personalized painting approximately 40x50, 40x60, 50x70 cm size.
Price: 40.000 HUF (price changes for giant size painting, A0)

Why a picture?


It's similar to other self-awareness techniques, but the main difference is, that understanding is not coming through rationality. It's based on a right-brain method, which processes everything from whole to parts, holistically; it sees the big picture first. 


The picture shows something (some kind of capability) that we brought into this life. We have it, "wear it", like a second skin. 

Special point of view


The painting can help you realize something about yourself, that you may not be aware of. Something become visible, that you'd never think as something special, or a real talent in you. Because you are not aware of it, you use it unconsciously, but here is the key. Key for your life, brought from previous life. If you take a look, you'll see, it's pointing to the essentials, if you realize what kind of abilities, talent you have, you can use them consciously, fully, for the benefit of your own, and for others.


Why good is that?


We can see ourselves in a new way, it gives a chance a new kind of self-knowledge and confidence to emerge. It based on that one’s aware of itself, rather than the social expectations.

Talent, skill, task


The task we were born to fulfill, the ability we have, is not happens by chance. We often work on them in many incarnations, because they are so important for our soul.


Our previous lives are not only filled with painful experience, they also contain remarkable, valuable skills we’ve built up. We all carry them within us into this life; talent is a marker of these. It may turn out that we have the winner lottery ticket with our name on it? Surely, it may.


Instinctive affinity towards certain things, hobbies, and all kind of activities that we love to do (even if we don’t get paid for them) illuminate the path of our chosen life purposes, and gifts. Often, our everyday job is also related to the topic.

But what is talent?

When someone hears the word “talent”, singers, composers, artists enter one’s mind. Indeed, they are gifted, but not the only ones. They are just the obvious creators of their innate knowledge. This concept must be put right, because everyone has some kind of ability, everyone is good at something.

Some people have the ability to communicate brilliantly with others; their words are healing (whether she/he is a psychologist, math teacher, or a shop assistant). Others have the talent to understand children (whether they work in kindergarten, a candy shop, or in a children bookstore). And the list goes on.


Talent is the pure mystery itself, something shine through a person, a knowledge, that cheated death, maybe that's why we all love natural born geniuses, because we can recognize crystal clear immortality through them.


Now is the time to see

This is not the privilege of the few. We all have the same miracle within ourselves; we must recognize our own values, whatever form it takes.

There are many methods that help discover these hidden treasures, and gifts, a personal painting is one of them.


If you wonder "what would be my picture " you are on the right track. If you are interested, have questions, feel free to write. If you're ready to face, how special you are, write too. A personal appointment would be needed, couple of weeks later I’ll paint it. When I’m about to start I’ll send a message, so you’ll know, that it will be finished in a few days.



My name is Kata Petrovics. Sheniell is my artist name. I went to Fine Arts school, and graduated in 1995. I’ve learned how to use brush, pencil. I’ve learned how colors, shapes are working, but what I do here, something quite different, compared to what I have learnt. Here, all rules are broken, as far as these images are born- the method and technique is kind of out of the box. I attune to the person I’m painting for, and then I start the image in the left corner, and finishing it in the bottom, right corner.

Half way in, half way out

I was always interested in the unknown, the unseen world. I have always wondered, what is the difference between an idea, a fantasy, and reality? Is there a limit? What if, fantasy is no more than a deeper aspect of reality? In 2009, something turned upside down in me, the theory was replaced by practice, I started creating codepainting images, even though I did not know that so it called. At that time I painted pictures to my friends as a gift, because I saw something in them, around them. I did not want to research how and why I do it, simply just enjoyed the whole thing. So as now.

I did not want to do research- that’s not entirely true. My unstoppable interest in the deeper aspects of reality has spread to psychology, astrology, quantum physics, tarot, and NLP. Finally, in 2016 I graduated in The Institute of Clean Source parapsychology department. It expanded my glossary, and I’ve learned a great deal of myself, for which I am very grateful. It became clear why I do what I do.

New horizons opened up, including the fact that I should not only paint for single persons, but also a larger scale of other people. Thus was born the INNER SOURCE – self-knowledge card, (it’s only available in Hungary, Hungarian bookstores) which was created to the benefit for everyone, and so, other new projects, I’m currently working on.