Codepainting is an unique technique, the essence of these portraits are not beauty, but to raise awareness. 


A personalized portrait can help you look at your life plans choosen for this life time, and look at yourself from a different point of view.

The painting leads you to the world of previous lives, showing you the topics you are working on at the soul's level now, also shows the skills you have in your present life.

This is a very intuitive process, a right brain method that helps you to connect to your deepest level, or higher mind.

You can have a personalized painting for your relative, or friend. It can be a unique birthday present, or a wedding gift.

Gift to someone

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Original Sale

A personalized painting approximately 40x50, 40x60, 50x70 cm size.
Price: 55.000 HUF (price changes for giant size painting, A0)

Why a picture?


It's similar to other self-awareness techniques, but the main difference is, that understanding is not coming through rationality. It's based on a right-brain method, which processes everything from whole to parts, holistically; it sees the big picture first. 

Painting types: 

Personal painting - for yourself (theme: tasks, talents)

Transit painting- the expression comes from astrology, the actual tasks, lessons can be seen.

Relationship painting - for you and for your partner, the dinamics between you can be revealed.

The process:

1. personal meeting (face to face)

2. from then, approximately 2 weeks and the portrait is done.

3. Payment via bank transfer. (when the portrait is done, I let you know)

5. When i got the notification from the bank, I send it via delivery company (Hungarian Post or Dpd, usually)

6.The portrait is recieved - I send an e-mail about it, all the information came with the painting, all the mythological background, insights.


Special point of view


The painting can help you realize something about yourself, that you may not be aware of. Something become visible, that you'd never think as something special, or a real talent in you. Because you are not aware of it, you use it unconsciously, but here is the key. Key for your life, if you realize what kind of abilities, talent you have, you can use them consciously, fully, for the benefit of your own, and for others.

We can see ourselves in a new way, it gives a chance to a new kind of self-esteem to emerge. It based on that one’s aware of itself, knows it's strength.

Talent, skill, task


The task we were born to fulfill, the ability we have, is not happens by chance. We often work on them in many incarnations, because they are so important for our soul. Our previous lives are not only filled with painful experience, they also contain remarkable, valuable skills we’ve built up. We all carry them within us; talent is a marker of these. Instinctive affinity towards certain things, hobbies, and all kind of activities that we love to do (even if we don’t get paid for them) illuminate the path of our chosen life purposes, and gifts. Often, our everyday job is also related to the topic.


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